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"C.R.O.C. Underground Metal" September 7th 2013 installment
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Publish-date-icon September 9, 2013
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This week...

-We observed the fact that SOULFLY seems to be getting back into the swing of the pummel right around the same time SEPULTURA roars on with what seems to be their most character-defining record to date with their new lineup;
-We dived into OPETH's recent statements about the oddball direction of their upcoming record - specifically regarding the fact that it'll exploit "various new types of string arrangements" wrapped up in a signature DIO 80s type of heavy metal production - can one say WTF?;
-We discussed the QUEENSRYCHE trial and how it won't be based on relevant facts pertaining to the music but rather be linked to a powertrip on Geoff's part - the guy will probably win for all the wrong reasons;
-We discussed the vainness of the prospect that SLAYER will soon return to the studio without Jeff Hanneman;
-I dived into my opinions on VOLTURE and how they strikingly resemble a lot of the most important European heavy metal bands out there;
-We analyzed PROTECTOR's upcoming record "Reanimated Homunculus" and I decided on whether or not this nearly qualifies these guys as one of the big 4 of German thrash;
-I inputted on my disappointment in Fabio Leone's vocal approach on HOLLOW HAZE's upcoming record "Countdown to Revenge";
-I ranted and raved about DARK DESIGN's compelling mish-mash of technical thrash metal and IRON MAIDEN-roasted approach to NWOBHM;
-We checked out interviews with FEROCITY and NOCTUM.


1.SOULFLY: Master of Savagery
2.ONSLAUGHT: Chaos is King
3.DEMONICAL: The Order
4.DEATH ANGEL: The Dream Calls for Blood
5.PURSON: Sapphire Ward
6.EYECONOCLAST: Hallucinating in Genetic Disarray
7.GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS: Saturn and Skies
8.BLUES PILLS: Devil Man
9.ENFORCER: Mesmerized by Fire
10.VOLTURE: On the Edge
11.LEPROUS: Contaminate Me
12.KATAKLYSM: Kill the Elite
13.SOULHEALER: Don't Look Back
14.STICKY BOYS: Great Big Dynamite
15.A HITMAN'S BUSINESS: Blood Drenched Effigy

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